Why do I have to login now?

Giving each user an individual account offers more possibilities to you. All jobs you have submitted to the ARP/wARP webservice are now in one place; you can easily compare them or run again with different parameters. Overall the current setup is also more secure as we no longer send you an individual password for each job.

What is ARIA?

You need to create an account to use ARP/wARP.
You can create a local account HERE . Alternatively or in addition to the local account you can use your ARIA (Instruct) account from https://www.structuralbiology.eu/. If you have local ARP/wARP account and also an ARIA account, you can use either of them to get access to ARP/wARP web services.
Additional information on the ARIA account system: The ARIA login system provides authentication for various services with a single ARIA account and a transfer of data between different webservices (e.g. for iNext, PDB-Redo, etc.. Your browser will store a cookie with the information that you are authenticated and logged in. The support of ARIA login by the ARP/wARP web services is part of the Westlife project (https://west-life.eu).
More inforamtion on West-Life and Aria Login

Log in to both ARP/wARP and PDB_REDO web services with ARIA account. The button "PDB-Redo" will appear in "Future Options" on the results page of your tasks.

What does “dissemination level” mean?

In order to continue improving ARP/wARP and to provide users with the best scientific service, it is crucial that we have access to a large set of experimental data, with all the challenges and deficiencies of which the ARP/wARP software is faced with. There are three different levels of dissemination for the data related to your ARP/wARP job: World, Software developers, and Confidential. These mean the following:

Confidential: Only the ARP/wARP developers at EMBL-Hamburg: - will have access to the submitted data and to the results. - will investigate reasons for premature job termination and inform the users. - may use the data to train ARP/wARP algorithms. The submitted data, the results and the identity of the user will not be provided to any third party.

Software developers: The ARP/wARP developers at EMBL-Hamburg may share the submitted data and the results with collaborating developers from Auto-Rickshaw, Refmac and CCP4 teams for the reasons of bug fixing and algorithm developments. The submitted data, the results and the identity of the user will not be provided to any other third party.

World: The ARP/wARP developers at EMBL-Hamburg: - may share the submitted data and the results, with any researcher upon his/her request. - may use the submitted data and the results to exemplify the performance of ARP/wARP in scientific publications, presentations, software examples and demos.


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